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Integrated Sciences Program

Students in this graduate program have the opportunity to take courses from a variety of areas in mathematics, the natural and physical sciences (biology, chemistry, geology, physics) and computer science in a program designed for professional growth in their area of interest. These areas are further explored through a required project or thesis that includes independent research into some particular area of interest.

The length of time it takes to complete the degree is determined by the student’s own schedule flexibility; many finish within two years of full-time work. The program requires completion within five years or within six successive summers. Courses are offered during a wide range of times, and many MIS students complete their curriculum while working full time.

Degree Requirements:

Minimum Hours

Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours at the 4000+ level, of which 1-4 must be project hours or 4-6 must be thesis hours. In accordance with Graduate School rules , a minimum of 18 hours must be at the 5000+ level.

Breadth Requirement

Students are required to take classes in a minimum of two (2) areas and maximum of three (3) areas within the disciplines of computer science, math, chemistry, biology, physics or geology. With approval, students may take a maximum of three (3) hours at the 4000+ level in one other school or college. All classes counted toward the degree must be related to the student’s stated program goal and be approved as part of a program of study by the program director. The student is responsible for insuring that all prerequisite requirements for the classes they take have been met.

Depth Requirement

The student must designate a primary area (either within a department or as an interdisciplinary concentration including, but not limited to, biophysics, biochemistry and computational biology). The student must take a minimum of nine (9) semester hours in the chosen area of concentration.

Project or Thesis

All students must conduct independent research that results in either a thesis or project, which is presented to their committee in written form and is subject to an oral defense.
Graduate Advisor and Project Committee

All candidates for the master of integrated sciences degree must select a faculty advisor and two other faculty members to serve with the advisor as the candidate’s graduate committee. The committee members must be part of the graduate faculty and approved by the program director. The name of the faculty advisor must be submitted to the MIS director no later than two semesters following full admission to the program.


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